Press release relating to Bubble Rush


Extreme Adventure Ltd has over a number of years developed, promoted and run bubble-themed fun and adventure events across the UK under the BUBBLE RUSH brand, and associated bubble-themed branding; helping our charity partners to raise over £1.5 million in 2017 alone.  The success of our events is founded on Extreme Adventure Ltd providing high quality, reputable, safe and fun events, and the BUBBLE RUSH name embodies these characteristics and values.

Extreme Adventure has invested in protecting this reputation and branding through a range of intellectual property (IP) rights to ensure that only events run by Extreme Adventure (or authorised by and meeting the standards of Extreme Adventure Ltd) may be promoted under the Extreme Adventure Ltd branding.  Extreme Adventure is owner of IP rights including registered trade marks (1) for BUBBLE RUSH, BUBBLE DASH and associated logos and an application to register BUBBLE 5K and copyright.

We have a policy of vigorously defending our IP rights against unauthorised use to ensure our brands and associated IP rights are respected.  This policy supports and protects our event partners and also protects the attending public from being misled that unauthorised events promoted under confusingly similar branding are in any way connected to, associated with or otherwise endorsed by Extreme Adventure Ltd.

Extreme Adventure became aware towards the end of 2016 that Swift Run Events Limited, Swift Medals Limited and / or Mr Christopher Dolan (collectively referred to as Swift) were promoting bubble-themed events using websites and social media pages under branding which might be viewed as confusingly similar to Extreme Adventure branding. This activity included examples of text and images identical to text and images on our website.  We became aware of numerous examples of confusion amongst customers and prospective customers.

Extreme Adventure instructed specialist intellectual property advisers to seek to resolve the dispute with Swift amicably in March 2017.  Despite several exchanges Swift continued to promote their events, the first of which was staged in August 2017, and resolution of the matters has not been achieved.

Extreme Adventure has filed (“issued” in legal terms) proceedings against Swift for trade mark and copyright infringement in the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court of the High Court Chancery Division.  The legal papers were served on 28th November.  Extreme Adventure will continue to prosecute this matter vigorously to conclusion.

Should you have any questions or concerns please contact us or our legal advisers, Bawden & Associates (tel 10582 466700 attention S. Geary / J. Flynn)

Extreme Adventure Ltd. 
28th November 2017

(1) Extreme Adventure Ltd is the registered owner of UK Trade Mark Registrations Nos. 3200682 (BUBBLE RUSH), 3200717 (BUBBLE RUSH with logo) and 3200722 (bubble logo) and 3218559 (BUBBLE DASH) and UK Trade Mark Application No UK3248723 (BUBBLE 5K).

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