Statement from Extreme Adventure Ltd owners of BUBBLE RUSH: NOTTINGHAM BUBBLE 5K

Statement from Extreme Adventure Ltd, Owners and operators of BUBBLE RUSH® themed events

Extreme Adventure Ltd is the owner of registered trade marks1 for BUBBLE RUSH and BUBBLE DASH and other intellectual property rights, and has an established reputation in bubble-themed events.  Extreme Adventure uses the social media accounts and #tags @bubblerush and #bubblerush5k.

Nottingham Bubble 5k Event , Sunday 13th August

We wish to make it very clear that the bubble-themed event staged at the National Watersports Centre on Sunday 13th August (Nottingham Bubble 5k) was staged by a third party.  Nottingham Bubble 5k was not in any way connected with, or endorsed by, Extreme Adventure.

Numerous participants in the Nottingham event have contacted us via our website, Facebook and Twitter, believing in error that the Nottingham event was a BUBBLE RUSH® event, to express their disappointment at certain aspects of the event.  These included:

  • Lack of colour in the foam
  • Lack of foam at all bubble points, especially in the later start waves
  • Medals running out
  • Chaotic registration process – ticket checks were reportedly not carried out meaning people were able to take part and get t-shirts without purchasing places in the event.
  • Lack of signage and marshalls to assist participants on and around the course.

In addition, concerns have been raised in relation to certain health and safety aspects of the event and in particular whether the electrical supply to event equipment was in compliance with event industry and British Standards.

Extreme Adventure is aware that other bubble-themed events are being marketed by the same third party as Lincoln Bubble 5k [27th August], Northampton Bubble 5K [10th September] and Peterborough Bubble 5k [24th September].  Extreme Adventure is also NOT in any way connected with these events.

BUBBLE RUSH® is a fun run for all ages and every event features four bubble stations producing different coloured bubbles.  All BUBBLE RUSH® events are organised in partnership with local hospices and all funds raised directly benefit the hospices.  This first event took place in 2015 and since then more than 50 events have been successfully organised.  Our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages show the positive and enthusiastic reaction our events get from participants.

So far in 2017 there have been 31 BUBBLE RUSH® events around the UK, raising (to date) over £950,000.  By October there will have been 44 BUBBLE RUSH® events.

Extreme Adventure has a policy of protecting its intellectual property rights against unauthorised use in order to ensure its customers and users of its BUBBLE RUSH® events are not misled by inferior third party events presented and promoted in a confusingly similar manner.   We have in the past, and will continue to, defend our rights vigorously to ensure our brands and event partners are protected and respected.

Extreme Adventure Ltd
17th August 2017

Extreme Adventure is the registered owner of UK Trade Mark Registrations Nos. 3200682 (BUBBLE RUSH; bubble rush), 3200717 (BUBBLE RUSH with logo) and 3200722 (bubble logo) and BUBBLE DASH, UK Trade Mark Registration No UK00003218559.

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