2020 is here: Bring on the bubbles!

If your New Year's Resolutions include getting fit why not make Bubble Rush part of your plans? The UK's foamiest fun run is not your usual 5k - which makes it a great choice of event for a new runner.

Bubble Rush ticks a lot of boxes for new runners!

We all know New Year is a time to start afresh, set ourselves a challenge or resolve to do things differently.  Committing to be more active is a popular resolution – especially after all that festive eating and drinking!

Following a programme like Couch to 5k is a great way to keep on track, and getting family and friends to support you will help you reach your goal.  Signing up to an event to give you something to aim towards is also a great idea – but there are so many to choose from!  If you’re searching for a 5k to aim for take a look at Bubble Rush – it ticks a lot of boxes for a new runner:

For a start it’s not a race!  The course is 5k but there’s no clock to race against, and there’s no pressure to run.  You can choose how you complete the course – run, walk or dance and take time to enjoy the coloured bubble stations along the route.  All that matters to us is that you enjoy the experience and finish with a smile on your face!

Secondly, everyone’s welcome! There’s no upper or lower age limit and the course is pushchair and wheelchair friendly.  So all those people who’ve supported you along the way can join you and share in your success.  Make it a family event – sign up the kids, grab the grandparents and have some foam-tastic fun together in the coloured bubbles.

Next up, you’ll be helping a local charity.  Every Bubble Rush is organised in partnership with a local hospice or hospital charity, so getting sponsored and making every bubbly step count will not only give you some extra motivation but you’ll be helping a very worthy cause.

And finally – it’s great fun! After the warm up you’ll line up at the start and get covered in foamy white bubbles.  Then around the course you’ll go through four bubble stations where you’ll get blasted with coloured bubbles.  And because it’s a two lap course you go through each bubble station twice for double the bubbles!  And as you cross the line you’ll be handed your finisher’s medal, a permanent sign of your achievement for yourself and the charity.

There are Bubble Rush events taking place across the UK from April to October.  Find your nearest event and we’ll see you in the bubbles in 2020!

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