What is Bubble Rush?

There are so many challenge events to choose from if you’re looking to try something different, get the kids away from their screens or just get a group together and have a fun experience. But if the thought of getting muddy, clambering over massive obstacles or running a distance doesn’t appeal why not try a fun run with difference?

Welcome to Bubble Rush!

Bubble Rush is the fun run through coloured bubbles, and the best part is you don’t have to run!  You can walk, toddle or even dance your way around the course and through our pink, blue, yellow and green bubbles. Since 2015, Bubble Rush events around the UK have helped to raise £2.5 million for local charities and the bubbles aren’t going to stop anytime soon:  there will 46 events in 2019 from April to October.  From Glasgow to Maidstone and Lowestoft to Exeter – we even manage to get to the Isle of Man! So you’ll be sure to find a Bubble Rush you and your family and friends can sign up to.

Anyone can join in the fun!

Young or old, everyone is welcome at Bubble Rush:  The course is planned to be pushchair and wheelchair friendly.  Last summer the eldest bubbler to take on the bubbles was 82, so if they can do it you certainly can!  There’s no dress code – you get a free t-shirt to wear and you then can accessorise:  Why not try a tutu, pull on a spotty shower cap or even stick on a mask and snorkel – we’ve seen them all! Lots of bright colours are encouraged- you’ll be covered in coloured bubbles anyway so why not get a head start!

Our first event of the year is only a few weeks away- and then the busy season of bringing bubble and foam across the nation begins.

All that’s left to do now is to book your place in the bubbles.

Lots of events have early bird deals and offer group discounts – so get a group together and get your bubble ON!

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