There’s no age limit at Bubble Rush!

It can be really hard to find something for all the family to do together for a fun day out. Whether it’s occupying energetic little ones, entertaining grumpy teenagers or organising a day out that even the Grandparents will enjoy, it can be difficult to please everyone. Here’s an idea – sign them up for Bubble Rush! Everyone is welcome at Bubble Rush. As the event isn’t timed, you can take as long as you like making memories with your family as you get covered in colourful foam! Your little ones can toddle along the course, and Granny and Grandad can have a nicely paced stroll in between the bubble stations.

You’re never too old for the bubbles!

From little tots in buggies to grannies and grandads, we’ve had ‘bubblers’ of all ages running, dancing, walking and toddling through our coloured bubble stations! Our courses are pushchair and wheelchair-friendly*, so age or ability are not a barrier to joining in the fun. We think our most senior ‘silver bubbler’ took part in Glasgow Bubble Rush in 2018 – unless you know different?! Some of our most special moments at Bubble Rush have been when whole families have taken part, with all the generations represented. Often they have been inspired to take part together in memory of a loved one and there has been laughter and tears as they’ve made their way around the course, and the biggest cheer of the day as they crossed the finish line. Most of our Bubble Rush courses are two laps of 2.5km, so for younger or less-able bubblers there is the opportunity to just do one lap. However, the kids may need more convincing than the adults to only go around the course once! Choose how you take on the bubbles, but everyone will still get a medal at the end!
So, why not plan a day out with a difference and book the whole family onto your nearest Bubble Rush event? We have events around the UK starting in April so bring the family and join in the foamy fun!*Please note that it is advisable to contact the organiser of your chosen Bubble Rush to confirm details of accessibility.

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